TIP, PhiSci Eastern Visayas, and New Era University take home “Youth Innovation” award from DOST- SEI & Acer Philippines

TIP, PhiSci Eastern Visayas, and New Era University take home “Youth Innovation” award from DOST- SEI & Acer Philippines

Acer PH
December 17, 2018

Three outstanding teams bagged awards from this year’s Imake.Wemake:  Create.Innovate.Collaborate competition. The Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) Cubao, Philippine Science High School (PhiSci) Eastern Visayas and New Era University won the “Youth Innovation Award”

Since its launch in 2016, The Department of Science and Technology Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI)’s Imake.Wemake has been an outlet for young Filipinos to showcase their creativity in finding innovative solutions with the use of technology.

According to DOST-SEI Director, Dr. Josette Biyo: “Most of the things we need are just out there and it only takes creativity and a compelling idea to turn them into something useful and of value.”

This year’s 3-part competition set the bar higher with DOST-SEI’s partnership with ICT giant, Acer Philippines. Using Acer’s first Internet-of-Things (IoT) toolkit, the CloudProfessor, and Arduino’s microcontrollers, the students’ inventions have embraced next level innovation in tackling some of the country’s most pressing socio-economic problems.

Acer Philippines Managing Director Mr. Manuel Wong said, “Our CloudProfessor is designed to teach programming in a way that students will enjoy and use robotics more intelligently. Armed with the right tools, you see through this competition how the youth can create brilliant solutions to problems our country has long been dealing with. With the help our CloudProfessor, we look forward to more triumphant inventions beyond the run of this competition.”

Mainly targeting the sectors of Agriculture and Disaster Mitigation, “Youth Innovation Award” recipients TIP- Cubao, PhiSci Eastern Visayas and New Era University displayed variation in incorporating IoT in their projects.

Experiencing yearly monsoons and typhoons in a tropical country, the team from Technological Institute of the Philippines- Cubao created Anitun Tabu, a weather advisory that can deliver more accurate forecasts for a more exigent response to possible disaster.

Acknowledging agriculture as one of the country’s major economic contributors, senior high school students of Philippine Science High School- Eastern Visayas developed AGro: Automated Aquaponic System. The device cultivates simple crops while culturing fish to serve as an Agricultural option in the absence of soil.

And with the eagerness to alleviate farming throughout the country, the team from New Era University brings to life an Automated Irrigation System and Electroculture device that aims to aid local farmers in growing their crops through more independent irrigation system.

St. John Roxas was also awarded the IoT Excellence Award for their VIBRAVA: Smart Watch, an ear to disaster which aims to help people with hearing impairments respond to possible fire and intruder attack through sensors that will notify them of any incident.

Inspired by this year’s stellar proofs of concept and smarter technologies, Acer Philippines encourages these young minds to keep on finding opportunities amid all the problems the country encounters.

“I hope this program can generate more curiosity among Filipino students”, Mr. Wong said. “Things can be done if they identify the problem positively. In order to develop more solutions, they must learn to use their skills to do something about the problem. This partnership has inspired us to continue developing our CloudProfessor and to heighten Artificial Intelligence (AI) factors and method applications in taking these potentials to new heights.”

DOST–SEI, hopes that the students did not just develop prototypes that can further technology but also gain the critical competencies necessary to thrive in the Information Age.

“I know our Filipino students can develop a world-changing mindset, and through this program, we hope we have at least inspired the students to be that way. For the students who underwent all the phases of this endeavor, I hope they acquired important skills that they will use today and, in the future,” said Dr. Biyo.

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