Acer Academy Summit 2018: Immersive learning through VR and MR

Acer Academy Summit 2018: Immersive learning through VR and MR

Acer PH
December 17, 2018

Manila, Philippines – In the digital age, richer and more dynamic content captures students’ interest that it has become difficult for traditional education to capture the attention of the new generation. This is a challenge that educators face today. But despite this, technology also produced tools that enable teachers to share educational content in the most dynamic way possible.

This new reality is the driver behind the goal of Acer Philippines in promoting a holistic classroom that engages Filipino students. This year, the IT giant held the Acer Academy Summit, a learning-rich forum that tackled the potential of immersive learning through virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR).

Acer Philippines Managing Director Mr. Manuel Wong said, “Technology has made the delivery of content faster and more accessible to both the students and the teachers. It’s both the role and the challenge of educators to maximize technology in maintaining contact with their tech-savvy students. To aid teachers with the new realities they have to face in the classroom, we developed Acer Windows Mixed Reality Solutions with an easy plug-and-play setup. This helps equip both teachers and students in creating an environment where learning is immersive and deeply engaging.”

In the context of classrooms, virtual reality (VR) takes students’ learning to a more imaginative setting, while mixed reality (MR) lets them process information while interacting with both virtual and augmented realities. With the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Solutions, students use a headset, a compatible Windows PC, and advanced motion controllers to get an immersive experience that need not be expensive and complicated. MR creates realistic scenarios while projecting a simulated environment that defy geographic barriers. Without leaving the four walls of their classrooms and without the bounds of time, students can see new environments and grasp knowledge through immersive learning.

“Immersive learning could only be possible through the guidance of someone who understands how to maximize technology available to them.” Mr. Wong said. “This is why it’s important to integrate mixed reality solutions with our educational system to help educators understand how using VR and MR can make learning more fun and engaging for their students.”

Since 2012 and with a growing partnership of over 130 schools around the country, the Acer Academy has been helping Filipinos adapt a digital classroom by providing innovative means for today’s education. By digitizing teaching tools such as online syllabi, web-based worksheets and modules and electronically programmed learning activities, it helps educators adapt effective teaching methods as well as make learning fun for their students.

This year’s Acer Academy summit invited Microsoft PH, IAmCardboard PH, Quiddity and Mobext, Acer Philippines to delve into the many ways institutions can leverage on the digital experience in modern-day classrooms. These industry leaders imparted knowledge on the global developments where immersive technology is being used, and how education can maximize such tools.

“Immersive learning is a product of instinctively realizing that learning is easier and more permanent if experienced firsthand. With VR and MR, images and information can come to life for students to absorb information. Through this technology and together with our exclusive client program for education, Acer Academy, more schools around the country can imbibe effective learning methods that encourages active participation and constant engagement.” Mr. Wong concluded.

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