Engr. Sebastian Mendoza

Technology giant Acer Philippines reaffirms its commitment to the University of Santo Tomas (UST) and its students, as its continues its partnership with the country’s oldest educational institution.

A member school of the pioneering Acer Academy program, UST has benefited from Acer’s wide range of up-to-date hardware and software programs that enable students, faculty, and administrators to remain at par with other institutions here and abroad. Acer and UST have been partners for ten-years, as the Taiwanese tech brand provides the institution cost-effective and high-quality products.

“Our partnership is built on trust and our first-hand experience in using their products. Acer have demonstrated its service reliability, product performance, and support availability for the University, above all else,” said Engr. Sebastian Mendoza, UST Assistant Director for Network Operations.

Acer has been at the forefront of aiding the institution in building digitally advanced learning facilities and tools inside its classrooms – a move that is considered a shift for the future of education within UST. These advancements have, in fact, attributed to the remarkable day-to-day achievements of the university’s students and faculty throughout the years.

“The main key to the meaningful success of our students in the classroom is a skilled teaching force. With the provision of the Acer computers, we are able effectively bring positive impact on our students, as well as on our teachers’ achievements in acquiring and utilizing informational tools for education,” said Engr. Mendoza.

Learning curves of the school’s students and pedagogical teaching strategies are likewise met using digital tools under the program, which have been noted by University administrators since the partnership.

“Classes in all levels with online learning materials and facilities, whether completely online or blended, are proven to produce solid and stronger learning effects than learning face-to-face alone. With the aid of these tools from Acer, we assured that our students are taught in the forefront of the 21st century,” adds Engr. Menzoda.

Beyond establishing facilities with digitally advanced tools for education and access to a wide range of new technologies, UST has also been a beneficiary of the Acer Academy through exclusive conferences, seminars, internships, and workshops for its students and faculty, alike.