The Ateneo De Manila University

The Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), one of the most prestigious universities nationwide has recommitted itself to Taiwanese leading tech enterprise, Acer, in their pioneer program benefiting countless academes throughout the Philippines, Acer Academy.

As a member of Acer Academy, ADMU has maximized the potential of its students through the upgraded facilities including high-end computers and programs that run across numerous of its classrooms, libraries and laboratories. School administrators as well as lecturers have also integrated the upgrades in their basic Ed units and teaching tools.

“Our partnership with Acer has proven that technology providers such as Acer can go beyond just being a supplier of computer hardware. As a partner, Acer is not only responsive to our technology needs, but it is dynamic and flexible in providing the related services,” says Sandra Alarcon-Lovenia, ADMU Director of I.T. Resource Management Office.

Beyond the everyday ongoing lectures that proceed within the campus, the shift in a more dynamic and interactive form of education and the benefits university employees experience through the Employee Purchase Program, Acer has also thrived with ADMU through its success in the recent ACM IPC Regional Finals – an international programming competition hosted by ADMU this year.

“Acer has been a valuable and dynamic partner in providing end-user technology solutions for Ateneo. It has been very helpful in providing the school with up-to-date devices and good service. It has also been responsive and supportive of activities of different offices in the university,” says Alarcon-Lovenia.

In its journey towards continuous excellence, ADMU has found a partner that targets quality education and meets the ADMU mission. Transitioning its students and learners from the traditional means of learning and upgrading its facilities to achieve its position at par with international standards.

“Ateneo de Manila University is currently on a journey towards more effective integration of technology in its rich history and tradition of excellence. This includes introducing changes in the design of our learning spaces, such as ensuring availability of digital connectivity and tools. As currently seen in some university offices and computer labs, Acer products are important components of such digitalization efforts, particularly in providing tools for the end-users in the university,” Alarcon-Lovenia concludes.